Thursday, October 20, 2016

coffee date

There's something special about going out for coffee with a friend. Little coffee dates are one of my favorites, although these days, completely nonexistent. Just the same, they're my favorite. Especially on gray days with a little sprinkle watering the earth and and slight chill in the air. They're my favorite.

So on this gray day, with a little drizzle outside, and a cup of hot tea, I'm just going to pretend that we're on a little coffee date and share the things swimming round my head these days . . .

- is it weird that I like to call it a coffee date even though it's coffee with a friend, and we're not dating, and I'm married? I like it though, so I'm just going to stick with it.

- being a mama is hard work. Taking care of little people, the house, the meals, and all the other things day in and day out is both wonderful and exhausting. I need a break. If only this were a real coffee date and I was actually getting a break.

- sweater weather is my absolute favorite and I'm so glad it's finally here.

- Christmas traditions are so important to me. We've been doing one thing for Christmas every year since we were married, but now that we have a family of our own, I really want to change the way we do things and start traditions of our own at home. There's something special about waking up in your own bed on Christmas morning and running out to the twinkly tree you've danced around for the last month to finally get to open those presents and spend a leisurely day at home with the ones you love the most. If we could only all see it this way. I think it's high time we change the way we do Christmas and I need to start really praying about it so others in my life will see it that way too ;)

- Target is killing it. Oh my goodness. Basically everything in there calls to me and begs for me to bring it home. I don't. But oh how I want to.

- One day, I really want to host Thanksgiving. Really, really, really.

And the bunny is about to light up in Emerson's room, signaling it's time to wake up, even though he's already awake, so I best get a start on the day. Thanks for our coffee date. We'll have to do it again soon.

.... what would you share on our coffee date?


Jillian said...

Love this idea! I'm sitting here on a very dreary day and would also love to grab some coffee!!! I would tell you that life is crazy but oh so good! Did you know we are moving? It is wild and nerve wracking and so exciting all at the same time! My stomach is pretty much in knots all the time! I will be relieved when we are finally moved and settled and can sink into a new normal 😉 Oh and I'm loving being at home. Can't imagine juggling a job on top of everything else!

Courtney said...

We have a light up clock in Abigail's room too! It's a stop light and we always say "see you in the morning when the light turns green!" pretty sure we'll still be saying that fifty years from now :)

Laura Marie Keenan said...

Coffee dates are the best! And if it's with a girlfriend, I like to call them lady dates! I'm really big into Christmas traditions too, so staying home with my little family is a must!

Amy said...

I'm very into Christmas & traditions, etc, however we always feel that we have to please one side more than the other if that makes sense. One side is way more laid back & go with the flow, while the other, whom we share Christmas day with, is not. I'm already stressing out about it...