Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Emerson says

This post has been a long time in coming. There are things Emerson says these days that I always want to remember so I've been compiling them here for a while.

- - -

The night of July 3rd, neighbors were setting off fireworks. This was a rude awakening for Emerson and he screamed for us. Landon went into his room and talked with him, after a few minutes he came to grab his computer so he could work in Emerson's room. Apparently their conversation went something like this once Landon realized he would be in there for a while:

Landon: Let me go get my computer, I'll be right back and then I'll stay in here with you.
Emerson: Okay, but you better get a pillow too!

hahaha. That boy.

- - -

While cuddling on the couch and watching a show together:

Emerson: I lode [love] your arm, it so comtada [comfortable].

- - -

"Jamumater" - that's how he says January, and I kind of love it.

- - -

"It so hard to wait for Santa." He said this one day in August out of the blue, and has been saying it nearly daily ever since. We don't even really talk about Santa, so I'm not sure why all of the sudden he's talking about him all of the time. I think maybe we read or briefly looked at one Christmas book. That's all it took.

- - -

"It so hard to wait for Chrisamis [Christmas]," and then he wants me to show him on the calendar how many more months/pages until Christmas.

- - -

"When my birday pody gonna be?" [birthday party]. Again, something that was completely unprompted. But suddenly he's been talking about his birthday party and what it's going be and who's going to come and how, "it so hard to wait." haha. Poor boy's been waiting since August... and his birthday's not until January.

- - -

One morning I went to the eye doctor by myself [!], I was gone for most of the day since the office was two hours one way from our home. I didn't see the boys until they woke up from their afternoon naps that day. They were both happy to see me and while we were playing together that afternoon Emerson said, "Hey, Mom."
Me: What?
Emerson: I know! When I growed up, I want ta be a mama like you! Den we can talk tageder [together]!
Me: Thanks, buddy! Why do you want to be a mama though?"
Emerson: Cuz I wanna be like you!
Me: Oh, I LOVE you! I think you'll be a great daddy one day.
Emerson: No, I wanna be a mama like you!"

Three minutes later . . .

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Emerson: Uh. Ah rocket ship!

insert laughing-crying emoji.

But seriously. My heart was a big ol puddle when he said he wanted to be like me. It means I'm doing something right, right? Apart from the fact that he's a boy and he'll be a daddy not a mommy and all that... it was the absolute sweetest and biggest complement ever. And I love him something fierce.

- - -

One evening while Landon was reading with Emerson:
Landon: 9 snowmen. You count.
Emerson: No. You pretty awesome. You count.


- - -

"1, 3, 6, 11, 80!" - the way he counts. Not sure what happened to the other numbers. But he knows how to count to 80 ;)

- - -

I know there are other things he says that I can't remember right now. So I'll just have to start putting those in a new post all on their own. Maybe by Christmas I'll have some more things he says to share. What are some of the funny/sweet/cute things your little one says?


Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

Haha, these posts are always some of my favorites. I just love to hear the funny things that kids say. "You pretty awesome. You count." Hahahaha.

I'm about due for another post like this, too!

Amy said...

I love these posts! I need to get Cash's next post up. I have a whole pile of them, I just need to get the post together!

"No, I wanna be a mama like you". heart melted!