Friday, October 14, 2016


It's been forever and a day since I've shared five things. I have a lot of things going round in my head lately so I needed to share! Here we go...

1. tea 
I've always enjoyed a good cup of tea, but lately I've been sipping a lot more than usual. The other day while shopping I saw a nice little tin of tea on sale and thought I'd give it a try. It has quickly become one of my favorites and now I want to drink it all the time.

2. flashlight
For a while now Emerson has been asking for a flashlight. I'm not really sure where he got the idea for a flashlight from, but he's been asking for one. I looked around for one for a while and found one in our basement, got new batteries for it, and showed Emerson how to use it. And then it didn't work. Apparently our flashlight was a little outdated? Also it's a good thing we didn't need a flashlight and have only that one. Since the one we had was broken we decided to find a different one [that worked] for him. We let him help pick it out, since it's his flashlight and all. It's so cute to see his eyes light up when he shows me his shadows and turns on his flashlight in a dark room. I think he'll especially love it since it's getting so dark so early these days. Now he has a way to read the 23 books he sleeps with every night.

3. Thursdays
The past few weeks on Thursdays, Emerson's BFF has been coming over to play. Bee, the little girl I used to babysit, comes with her mom in the mornings and the little ones play while her mom and I chat about this and that. Emerson misses seeing her every day, so Thursdays has become a very special day for him and one that he looks forward to. I love that we're still able to play together and how much they love each other [expect for the times Bee doesn't want to be hugged and he really needs to give her one. haha].

4. a Target steal  
A few mornings ago the boys and I went to Target because I needed to get a few things and also because we like to go there and look at all the pretty things. I had a list, and I stuck to it! ...except for when I was walking past one aisle and saw on the end the red sticker clearance items. Two of which were cute little suitcases for boys. We travel fairly frequently and I always use my bags for them, they obviously don't care or know the difference, but I've always thought it'd be cute if they had their own little bags. Since the little suitcases were cute and on clearance, I picked one up to just see how much they cost. Not that I would actually buy it, but I just had to check. Ya know? And oh my goodness. Guess how much they cost. Guess. $2.22!  Yes, two dollars and twenty-two cents. That's only 222 pennies! I triple checked the price tags and they both said the same thing. So I did the only logical thing, I put them both in the cart, because I was buying those bags. After we finished getting the rest of our loot and were checking out, I paid close attention to the prices as they came up, there was no way I was going to pay more than $2.22 for those bags. When they rang up as a lot more than that I told the cashier what the price tag said. She rolled her eyes and said, "Well that's miss marked," but checked the tag just the same. Sure enough, she saw I wasn't lying. I figured they were miss marked, but hey, that's what the tag said so that's what I'm payin'. She called a manager over to fix the problem, and he told her to price correct it to what it was marked as on the bag. She seemed more grumpy about it than the manager did, but corrected the price. And then before I was even finished checking out, she called to have someone look for more miss marked bags. haha. Lady, I would have gotten ten of them if there had been ten of them. I walked faster to my car than usual, because I felt like I was stealing at such an amazing price!! Best. buy. ever. And Landon wasn'te even mad I'd gotten something off the list that we didn't "need". haha.

5. my oven 
It seems as though it's on a weekly basis that I set our smoke decorators off. I'm sure our neighbors think I can't cook - even though I can. Really, I promise. It's our oven. It's cheap and it smokes a lot. And anytime I set the temperature higher than 375, it sets the decorators off. If I'm lucky, setting the vent fan on high and opening all our windows and doors, and turning on the living room fan, will sometimes save me from the beeping going off. But I digress. The other night when I was making cookies, set at 350, before I even opened the door I saw a little smoke rising from the back of the oven [it's cheap I tell ya]. When I opened the door to put the sheet in, smoke billowed out. Um. Not good. So I set about to clean it. And holy moly. It was gross. I'm amazed at how disgusting it was. But I suppose I should expect that since this morning was the first time I've cleaned our oven since moving here.



All I used was baking powder, vinegar, a washcloth, a sponge, and a lot of elbow grease. Gross, right?

Anyhow, that's all I've got for you today. Happy weekend to you all!

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