Monday, October 3, 2016

little gifts [722 - 736]

722. lamps setting the evening aglow

723. fun packages of Halloween costumes arriving in the mail

724. watching Emerson dance around in his Halloween costume

725. a steaming cup of english tea breakfast

726. holding a soft little bunny

727. an unexpected date night

728. a hay maze

729. being handed an unwanted sucker that was licked three times

730. picking a pot of mums for the porch

731. petting the happiest goat alive

732. tiny arm wrapping tighter around my arm, for fear of a camel and a wallaby

733. gray skies

734. crisp fall air

735. pumpkins perched on the porch

736. playing peek-a-boo after bath time

I hope your Monday is filled with little gifts. Happy Day, friends.

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