Monday, October 10, 2016

little gifts [737 - 751]

737. bundled up baby cuddled against me as we watch big brother play soccer

738. little legs running fast to kick a ball

739. watching Emerson listen to his coaches

740. arms wrapped tight around my legs while fixing dinner

741. getting a giant bag full of clothes for the boys

742. watching Daniel Tiger with a sick little nugget curled against my chest

743. a little wagon, pulled behind a little boy, filled with little pumpkins

744. exploring a new pumpkin patch

745. a Thomas train and a blue plow truck, held tight in tiny hands. all day long.

746. new friendships

747. a solo grocery shopping trip

748. cleaning closets out

749. weekend visits with GeGe and Poppy

750. brothers riding a little four-wheeler together

751. Oliver putting a book in my lap, and then turning around to scoot his little booty into my lap to read together

What gifts are in your life this week?

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