Monday, October 24, 2016

little gifts [769 - 787]

769. oats bubbling and popping on the stove

770. pumpkin cranberry bread for dinner

771. window shopping

772. little moose feet

773. an evening manicure

774. emails from a friend

775. having a random pair of pants that I'll never wear and finding out my sister does

776. suspenders on Oliver

777. making a prayer notebook

778. scarves wrapped warm round my neck

779. a new recipe with veggies in it

780. a surprise coffee from the hubs one night

781. they way Oliver crawls over to sit beside me while I'm laying on the floor, and puts his little arm around my neck, and then gently plays with my hair

782. sneaking into Emerson's room at night to be invited to cuddle with him

783. whispering jokes and stories by the glow of a night light

784. Emerson's face, scrunched up, happy, grinning big, dimples deep

785. my boys fighting over who gets to sit in my lap

786. cool soccer mornings

787. a fall scavenger hunt on a crisp gray evening

What are some of the gifts in your life right now?

1 comment:

Laura Marie Keenan said...

Boys fighting over who gets to sit in your lap! One of my favorites too!