Monday, October 31, 2016

little gifts [788 - 812]

Happy Monday and Happy Halloween!

It seems as though every week there are more and more little gifts coming my way, here we go . . .

found here : original source unknown 

788. visiting the library

789. picking just a few books to bring home

790. dressing the boys in Halloween costumes

791. the last pumpkin party at the civil department for us

792. stopping to collect fallen red, rust, yellow, and brown leaves

793. touching pumpkin guts

794. carving pumpkins

795. Emerson asking to make a picture for a sick friend

796. roasted pumpkin seeds

797. a salted carmel mocha

798. clearing the backyard of tomato plants gone wild

799. Christmas decor lining the store aisles

800. telling story after story after story

801. looking for good new books

802. finding Christmas gifts for family

803. newly painted nails

804. crisp fall mornings

805. exploring a newly renovated park

806. Oliver bouncing himself to say "more" when no one else will bounce the bouncer/teeter-totter

807. boys in their Sunday best

808. blanket like sweaters

809. making costumes

810. running errands solo

811. getting things for the boys without spending a dime

812. the last day of October

What are some gifts in your life right now?

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