Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving Week

Hello and Happy Monday! Last week my little fam bam took a trip to Wisconsin and stayed in a hotel while Landon had meetings at UW. The boys and I ate, went swimming, and at least one of us napped. After spending a good day and night there, we packed up the car again [because don't you know you can't travel with two little people and only take in one or two bags, you have to take all of the things inside] and headed to my sister's house in Minnesota. We arrived just before the bad snow weather came in and in time for some dinner and visiting before it was time to put the boys to bed. We hadn't planned on getting there that early, but once we were inside and watching the sleet/snow fall, we were so thankful we made it there just in time to miss driving in it.

The first night all four of us slept in my niece's bedroom, she was nice and let us take over it while we were visiting, and it was terrible. At around two in the morning Oliver joined Landon and I in the full size bed for a fitful night of sleep rest. Emerson started screaming/crying/whining around five in the morning and begging for a snack and water. After eating his snack of craisins he wanted to get out of his tent and start the day, but we didn't let him. Then, when I was going over to talk to him about something, he threw up. Note: DO NOT give your child a snack of craisins on a practically empty stomach. It wouldn't have been what I chose to give him, but it was what he got and then he was sick. Three times. Oh my goodness.

Our plans to visit the Mall of America fell through that morning after his sickness started and we spent the day hanging out at my sister's house instead. It was quiet and calm and ended up being a nice day of quiet while everyone was at school or work. Thankfully I think it was just a bad case of craisins and Emerson wasn't sick any more and no one else was either.

Our visit with my sister passed quickly, we fixed a lot of food, ate, hung out, played, rested, and did a little shopping. After the first night of terrible sleep, Landon and Emerson moved to the playroom and slept in there and everyone slept so much better! Thank goodness. In the past, my sister and I have usually gone Black Friday Shopping at the Mall of America because it's not too far from where they live, but this year we decided not to go and stayed home instead. We headed to Target around 9:30 or so when Oliver was going down for his nap, and it was less crowded then our Target gets here on Move-In weekend in August. It was a nice way to spend the morning and get a few things we needed anyhow.

The Friday night after Thanksgiving, her town does a little Holiday Stroll, so after the boys woke up from their naps and ate a little dinner, we bundled up and headed to town. We saw Santa, Emerson got to ride on a reindeer sleigh ride, pick out some Christmas cookies, see a live Nativity, and watch a parade. It was a fun and cold way to spend the evening. Even though we saw Santa that night, I'm thinking we just might have to try and visit him one more time since my camera battery died as I was going to take their picture with him.

I packed our stuff up as best I could before we put the boys to bed and in the morning we headed out fairly early to make the long trip back home. Thankfully we made pretty good time and the boys were happy to watch Daniel Tiger for entertainment. It was a good visit with my sister and in Wisconsin, but it was good to get home. I'm a homebody at heart and hate to be gone for too long.

Anyhow, we're back now and I'm finishing up getting our Christmas decorations up, doing lots of laundry, and doing all of the other things. This post didn't start out as a recap, but that's just kind of how it ended up going, you're welcome ;)

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Also, what is going on with Blogger? The feed I've been using for following your blogs is gone! Now all I can do is look at my own posts and blog info. I need to see yours! Has this happened to anyone else or is it just me?

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Anyhow, Happy Monday, friends! I hope it's a good one.

Friday, November 18, 2016

I Said Yes [a book review]

I have a little confession . . .  I watch The Bachelor. Though, I must admit, it's a new thing. I started watching when I was nursing Oliver and had countless hours and nights of nursing and if I didn't want to fall asleep in the rocker I had to watch something [because when I nurse, there is nothing else I can do, like, I don't know how some moms read books - how do you hold a book and the baby? - or other such things] .... So I started watching The Bachelor after exhausting all of the other shows I liked to watch. We don't have cable, so I don't get to watch many shows, but we have an iPad and an app that lets us watch some shows. And so, at night and in the early morning hours, and during Emerson's nap time, I would prop up our little iPad so I could watch The Bachelor. It was Kaitlyn's season when I really started watching, and even then it was in the middle of the season. Thankfully I was able to go back and watch from the start of the season, you know, so I could catch up on all the drama and everything ;). I had seen like, the last two episodes of the season prior to hers [Sean?], but really only remember the guy in a barn and two girls all dressed up way too fancy to be in a barn and him telling one girl he didn't love her and the other girl he did in fact love her. But that's it.

It was kind of fun watching The Bachelorette and catching up on all the drama to see what was going on. Then I watched The Bachelor when that came on a few months later and then again I watched JoJo. Oh, JoJo... Anyhow. While I was watching I knew there had to be more to the story, because isn't there always something more than they show you? It was during this new season of watching the show that I saw Emily Maynard Johnson's book I Said Yes and was intrigued because I saw she had been on the show and thought she might share a little glimpse into the world of The Bachelor.

Emily starts her story sharing about her young life and troubles she went through, during this time she met a boy and after some time they fell in love and were going to get married. In a devastating accident, he is killed in a plane crash and afterwards she discovers she is pregnant. She goes on to share about how her world was forever changed and all of the struggles she went though. Eventually she became a contestant on The Bachelor and she shares some little inside bits which I found to be interesting. I was hoping she would share more on the behind the scenes for the show, but it's more than I knew so it was neat to at least read about that. I love those little glimpses into things like that and since we all know there's more to The Bachelor than what's shown on TV, I enjoyed reading about the goings on of the show. Her relationship from the show didn't last and after awhile she became The Bachelorette, again,  the relationship didn't work out. But from these experiences she shares how she developed a deep faith in Christ and how he worked in her life for good. I do feel like the writing is a bit elementary in that it's a very simple writing style and it's just her saying first this, then this, then that happened. Not that writing needs fluff, but this I found to be a little lacking. Wanting to know her story is what carried me through the book and she does have an interesting story to tell.

Though, this isn't a deep thinking book, it is entertaining, especially if you like The Bachelor. Plus it's an easy read and it's nice to have a simple entertaining book to read every now and again.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review. This is my honest opinion. 


Thursday, November 17, 2016

six on thursday ?

Happy Thursday, friends! I hope your week has been great! Lots of blah life type stuff has been going on around these parts so mine has been less than stellar, but I figured it was high time for a little something nothing post about a few somewhat random things to bring some cheer into my life, and hopefully yours. You're welcome 😆

Also, thank you for listening the past few posts to my not so happy stories. I'm been a sad plaid lately and it helped to get that out there. I don't like to sugar coat everything and I like to keep things as real as possible around here, so thank you for letting me share and for your sweet thoughts and encouraging words. It has meant so much to me! I love you, friends! But I am tired of feeling blah and decided I needed to bring some happy into my days again, so a little bit of this and that is what's on the agenda for today!

First, pajamas. I love them. Every year it seems as though I need a new pair of them. I don't usually indulge, but oh my goodness, this year I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to. I feel like pajamas need to fit just right in order to be truly comfy and right now the ones I have just aren't cutting it. I happened to stumble across these cuties and fell in love. I'm hoping I'll be able to find them and score a great deal on them when I go shopping on Black Friday with my sister and then Santa can bring them to me for Christmas ;) 

Second, leggings. About a month or so ago I bought my first ever pair of leggings [I know, I know... they're practically out of style and I'm just now joining the legging train....] and you guys, they are absolutely the most comfortable thing I own! Though, I'm sure you already know that, and are all like, "I know, Hannah. That's why I wear them all the day long every single day!" I saw this pair at Target and figured for $10 I'd try them out. I never do that, but I had a weak moment and a gift card and so I bought them. And now I want them all. And also, I think that's why I'm liking the above pjs so much. They're just so comfy and I feel like my booty isn't too huge that I can actually wear them! Just bein' honest 😉

Third, socks. Socks make my heart happy and my toes dance. I love them. So much. If you've been around here for long, you probably know that well. I especially love the good kind of socks. Which means, the non-boring kind. Give me colors and prints and patterns! Accessorize with socks! Match and coordinate outfits with socks [don't we all do that?]! I prefer ankle socks and knee high socks. During the fall months I like the ankle socks and in the winter months I practically live in knee high socks, but will occasionally settle for the ankle kind, if they're cute enough 😉 Since I'm an avid sock wearer, I tend to wear them out kind of quickly, especially my favorite ones. I noticed one morning while digging through my socks that my selection was quite low, which made me remember that I've had to throw quite a few pairs out due to holes [poor poor sad little socks :( Anyhow, the next day I was at Target getting our Kix and tissues and other such necessities and I saw these socks. I mean, milk and cookies?! Basically I needed them so the joined us in the cart and even made it past the, "we're not buying this" pile that I always hand the cashier [itstheonlywaywecanshop]. Also, while I was looking for those adorable milk and cookie socks online just now, I saw these. I mean  😍 ... I need them!  [givemeallthesocks!] 

Fourth, planners. I love a good planner. The past few Christmases I've been given a nice Erin Condren planner. While thinking about asking for one again this year, I decided to go a different route instead. But then, the other day while I was looking for something in Michael's, I stumbled across their planners, and oh my goodness. They're all so cute! It's basically just like the Erin Condren planners, but cheaper. Good quality, colorful pages, tabs, options of vertical or horizontal layouts. Just a whole lot cheaper. The one disadvantage is that you can't personalize these planners like with others, but that's the only big difference, and since I never really cared about that part too much, it doesn't matter to me. They have so many fun options, this one is just one of them! 

Fifth, Plum Paper. Speaking of planners, I saw this one from Plum Paper and thought it would be fun to give it a try this year. One of the things that intrigued me to give it a try [I mean, ask for one for Christmas] was that it has optional add on sections! Like a meal planning section, a work out routine section [if you're into that kind of thing ;], party planning, house cleaning, note pages, to do check lists... all of the extra things you could think of. I was drawn to the meal planning section and thought it would be kind of neat to try something like that out since I'm always planning our meals anyway. I'm curious to see how it is [if I do in fact get the planner for Christmas ;]. Another perk about the Plum Paper planner is that even if you choose to get add ons, it's still cheaper than the infamous Erin Condren planner [unless you get all of them, but then you're also getting a lot more bang for your buck which is nice]. 

Sixth, emojis. Also, when did Blogger make emojis an option?!!? I'm in loove! It's basically the best because I love emojis so. Not enough to make an emoji the word of the year... but you know. It's pretty great. 

I'll stop there for today. Thanks for listening to my random. It felt good to get that out 😊


Monday, November 14, 2016

little gifts [813 - 834]

Well, it's been a bit since I've visited this little corner of my life. I've missed it and you, and want to get back more frequently. This weekend turned out to be pretty terrible and things that happened are still playing around in my head. No one was sick or physically hurt or in the hospital or anything like that, so no worries there. But words can be pretty harsh . . . so here I am trying to work past things that were said [and not said] over the last few days. I'll just leave it at this: this weekend sucked.

Having said that, I want to try starting this week off on a more joyful note. There are still so many things to be thankful for and there are so many little gifts in my life right now! So I'm just going to try and focus on those instead.

813. happy socks with cookies and milk on them

814. a pink sunrise

815. going to a craft show as a vendor

816. a faithful friend

817. shop goods ready

818. chilly weather

819. babies in hats

820. hoodies with little ears for babes

821. toffee coffee

822. the comfort of home

823. going to a basketball game with the boys

824. seeing the excitement of the game and atmosphere through their eyes

825. a coconut donut

826. cuddles on the couch with Emerson

827. Emerson's body burying into mine from shyness of new visitors

828. being attacked with hugs and kisses from both boys after being gone for the morning

829. brothers fighting at the dinner table over giving me hugs [I mean... all the hearts!]

830. not having to sweep the floor after dinner

832. the colors of Fall

833. playing in colorful, crisp, fallen leaves

834. "I missed you, Mommy at the craft show. It so long." on repeat all the day long.

See? Plenty to be thankful for and more gifts than I realize. What are some of those little gifts in your life these days? No matter the day, there will always be some :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

a slump. a rut.

I'm in a slump of life right now. 

You've probably figured that out by now. But I just thought I'd go ahead and get it out there. I'm not exactly sure when or why it started, but it did and now I'm just stuck in a little rut and can't seem to get out. Thus the lack of blogging. 

Lately more things than usual have been getting to me. I try not to let them and I try to find the good and the joy and the happy in each and every day. But my goodness, sometimes it's just hard to do that.  
Things like this have been getting to me: 

- wanting Oliver to have a room of his own. I'm thankful our laundry room is big enough for his crib so he can sleep in peace and Emerson can sleep in peace and I don't have to worry about their safety like I would if they were sharing a room [Emerson can be wild y'all]. But I want his toys and books in a bedroom for him. I want to go in there to play and not in the hallway or our bedroom. I know we kind of brought this upon ourselves, you know, having another baby while living here, but he's one of the very best things in my life and you can't put life on hold just because of your circumstances and where you live and all. Live life! But I so desperately just wish he had a bedroom of his very own right now. 

- the toys and books that are piled high in our little upstairs hallway/landing area. I'm so thankful for them, but my goodness, I just want to be able to open the linen closet without moving every blessed toy out of the way. 

- our kitchen is tiny and it makes for meal prep that I already dislike even more detestable. 

- my hubby and I just can't seem to agree on some big home and family life issues right now. It's frustrating. 

- I'm convinced that mamas who have shops they run from their home or work from home, have family nearby to help with the kiddos and/or they send their littles to preschool or mother's day out or they can afford to hire a babysitter or some such thing. While working on products for my shop is something I love doing, it's next to impossible to do because there is no time to do it in. Well, there's nap time, but I have to split nap time between my shop, cleaning a little bit, regaining my sanity, and doing other little must do chores like paying the bills and such. Who has time to do it all?! 

- our house is a wreak and I don't care. I'm leaving it that way until I absolutely have to get it cleaned up for the showings we will have when it comes time to put it on the market in a few months. ugh. 

- it drives me bonkers when people ask and ask for you to do something that you're going to do anyway. Just let me do it when I get around to it. Don't you  know I wrangle two very active little boys all day every day and have zero time away from them. Ever. And I love that. I truly do. But it makes for even little things like posting pictures on Instagram somewhat of a chore. 

- sometimes I just wish I could have a little break. Go do something by myself for myself. Something that wasn't grocery shopping or errands or some other such thing. Like get coffee or go to the book store. But even in the rare and very off chance I do get to run somewhere by myself, the errands must be done and so that takes priority. Obviously. 

I'll spare you and stop my ranting there. But thanks for listening. It just helps to get things out there sometimes. 

Happy November! 

Maybe one day before Christmas I'll finally share some Halloween pictures? ;)