Monday, November 14, 2016

little gifts [813 - 834]

Well, it's been a bit since I've visited this little corner of my life. I've missed it and you, and want to get back more frequently. This weekend turned out to be pretty terrible and things that happened are still playing around in my head. No one was sick or physically hurt or in the hospital or anything like that, so no worries there. But words can be pretty harsh . . . so here I am trying to work past things that were said [and not said] over the last few days. I'll just leave it at this: this weekend sucked.

Having said that, I want to try starting this week off on a more joyful note. There are still so many things to be thankful for and there are so many little gifts in my life right now! So I'm just going to try and focus on those instead.

813. happy socks with cookies and milk on them

814. a pink sunrise

815. going to a craft show as a vendor

816. a faithful friend

817. shop goods ready

818. chilly weather

819. babies in hats

820. hoodies with little ears for babes

821. toffee coffee

822. the comfort of home

823. going to a basketball game with the boys

824. seeing the excitement of the game and atmosphere through their eyes

825. a coconut donut

826. cuddles on the couch with Emerson

827. Emerson's body burying into mine from shyness of new visitors

828. being attacked with hugs and kisses from both boys after being gone for the morning

829. brothers fighting at the dinner table over giving me hugs [I mean... all the hearts!]

830. not having to sweep the floor after dinner

832. the colors of Fall

833. playing in colorful, crisp, fallen leaves

834. "I missed you, Mommy at the craft show. It so long." on repeat all the day long.

See? Plenty to be thankful for and more gifts than I realize. What are some of those little gifts in your life these days? No matter the day, there will always be some :)


Ashley Brickner said...

So sorry you had a tough weekend! Hugs, friend!

Amy said...

Email me or text me, friend, if you need too! Thinking of you!