Thursday, December 22, 2016

bits of cheer [week 4]

Can you believe there are only three more days until Christmas?! How has it gotten here so fast?! And there is so much still to do before Christmas gets here - this is why I start the Christmas festivities in our house right after Thanksgiving is over [and why I might put our tree up before Thanksgiving 😁]! 

This week I thought I would share a few more bits of cheer that have been going on around here. The other day Emerson and I spent Oliver's morning nap time making some Christmas cookies. I showed him a few choices and he picked the sprinkle ones. Obviously. Usually when we bake or cook together he just eats the best bits and chats away the whole time. This time I had a big important job for him to do: unwrap the Kisses! I showed him how and then he worked so carefully to do the rest and once the cookies were baked he eagerly topped the cookies with a little peppermint Kiss. And then we ate some cookies and sipped some Nog and watched some Christmas Paw Patrol and it was the best kind of morning. 

Another thing we did this week was decorate gingerbread houses. I found a cute little kit a few weeks ago and thought it would be fun to do together. After waiting far too long to decorate it, according to Emerson, we finally had a chance to work on the houses together. Not even a minute into decorating, the icing bag burst - ugh - so it was a messy messy decorating event. But it was a beautiful cheerful mess and Emerson had the best time. It was fun spending an hour with just him, doing "big boy" things ;) 

I'm linking up with Amy, Jess, and Alisha for the last week of bits of cheer. How is Christmas already here?! 

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Amy said...

What special one on one time with your big guy! I'm so glad that you & Emerson got this time to spend together!