Thursday, December 1, 2016

bits of cheer

Hello and Happy Thursday! This week is zooming by and has been full of ups and downs and sickness and lots of play time. Also a. lot. of laundry. Eeesh. That's the bad part about traveling, am I right? Maybe not, but there is laundry. Always.

Anyhow, today I thought I'd link up with my favorite friends [Jess, Amy, and Alisha] and share some little bits of cheer with you all.

The other night Landon was able to join us for a little bit of play time before baths and bed. Emerson and I hd been working on building towers and Oliver had been chipping in to help as well. We kept building and building and occasionally I'd build a separate tower for Oliver, because brothers 😆 Landon came up and both boys decided to help build a tall tall tower and it was just a sweet, quiet, calm, moment. The kind I want to bottle up forever and always. Those boys have my heart.

It's not uncommon to find "mystery" groceries when we get home from grocery shopping. In the past we've had banana chips and strange dried meats. Which of course don't get eaten. I don't know why. The other day, as I was unloading the groceries I saw a bag of white chocolate peppermint kisses. My favorite. I know I didn't buy them [pick them out to buy] but I sure was thankful one of boys decided to snatch a bag of those kisses. Because oh, they are so good! One evening after dinner, I showed them to Emerson and asked if he wanted one because he'd finished his dinner. I gave him one and he told me to take one too. After I unwrapped our Kisses, and told him it was a Kiss, he picked his up and then kissed the bottom of his and said, "Kiss it, Mommy." So we kissed our Kisses and then ate them up :) Now, every time we have Kisses together [or I indulge in one or two without him around], we kiss the bottom before popping into our mouths. Love.

I'll stop there for today. The Bunny is about to light up and I still have to get oatmeal on a plate to cool off before breakfast so Oliver doesn't go nuts when he see his oats but can't eat them because they're too hot. 


Jessica (The Newly) said...

Love how little things become traditions in families. Caleb and I have several little things like that - things that we've been doing since he was little, and that are not being passed on to Vivi and Teddy. So sweet! That's what family is all about:)

Amy said...

Aww! How cute is that? Cash I have a few things that only him & I do together. Just our own little things. Love these big boys!