Tuesday, December 20, 2016

icy weekend

Last week Landon was in San Francisco for a conference so it was just the boys and I at home. I never like when Landon has to be away, especially for extended amounts of time, but for some reason I didn't mind him being gone as much last week. I mean, I missed him and wished he was home [especially at dinner time because I'd all but lost my sanity], but I felt safe and at peace while he was gone, even at night, something that's never happened before. I know, I'm 31 years old, staying at home by myself shouldn't be an issue, right? Well, it usually is. What can I say? My imagination is very active and vivid and well, it makes for not so peaceful and restful nights when he's away. But this time? I was fine. I think it's in large part to the fact that I've been praying about this problem of mine since July. For real though. And then I asked the ladies in my Bible study to pray for me too and you know what? I had a lovely and peaceful week. Thank you, Lord.

lots of cuddles and Christmas movies while Landon was away. 

While there was peace in my heart, it doesn't mean our week was all sunshine and daisies. Let's just say I was ready for for nap and bed time each and every day and made sure the boys were in bed not a minute past when I knew I could put them down. haha. The days were fine, but that those hours in the evening, oh those were rough. And dinner? Goodness sakes. Bedtime was welcome!

On Friday night Landon was scheduled to fly in at 8:30. All week I tried to figure out what I would do with them, put them down and then wake them up to head out or just keep them up. Big dilemmas like these keep me up at night ;) In the end I put on Curious George's Christmas and we cuddled on the couch. It was basically perfect. Before heading out I checked Landon's flight info and he was supposed to be arriving even earlier than I thought! I buckled the boys in the car and headed out to pick him up. I probably shouldn't have gone to the airport. As I was backing out of our drive way and put the brakes on, the car didn't stop. That fact didn't register at first and I kept going. The roads were slush and ice and snow and terrible. I should have turned the corner at the first stop sign to head back to our house. But I was anxious to see Landon and out already, so I kept going at a sails pace. It took twice as long as it normally does to get to the airport but we had made it and were safe and were going to see Landon. The boys were fast asleep in the back and we sat and waited. And waited. And then I decided to check his flight again after waiting a while for him to text me back and ask where we were. While checking his flight I saw it had been rerouted. To Indy. He was not coming home that night. I checked again, just to make sure and then slowly pulled out and drove at a snail's pace back home. The roads were horrible. I prayed the entire time and am pretty sure my knuckles were white from gripping the wheel so tight. Our house was a very welcome sight and couldn't wait to pull into our garage. Except ... that didn't happen because I couldn't make the tiny and hardly there incline on our drive and ended up with a wheel in our yard. whoops. I tried a few times to get it right, but it wasn't happening and I didn't want to hit our mail box or end up with half of our car in the road and half in the drive. So I parked, got out and very carefully got the boys out and carried them to bed.

some days just call for a little somethin somethin' ;) 

My oh my. Never has our home been such a welcome sight. Also, next time I feel like I shouldn't drive, I won't drive. While it was disappointing that Landon didn't make it home that night, we were all safe and he was scheduled to come in the next morning. In the end he got home around 2 the following afternoon and he took a taxi home from the airport. Thank goodness I didn't have to go back out it that ice. ugh.

I had planned to go grocery shopping on Saturday morning, which didn't happen, so I was very thankful I had impulsively grabbed a bag of donuts while at the Target on Friday morning. It was a special breakfast for the boys on a frozen morning. We stayed inside and did our usual shenanigans - played, read, and read some more.

These days can be long and lonely sometimes, but they are my favorite and I know I'm going to miss them one day. So I'm soaking up these days as much as I can [and praying for kindness though the fits and tantrums].

Also, fun fact: I don't wash my hair when Landon's gone on trips. I take two minute showers in the middle of the afternoon and call it good. By the time Landon got home, it'd been one week since I'd washed my hair and it hurt! I know you know what I mean when I talk about your hair hurting, right? Anyhow. It was so gross and obviously in a ponytail or bun the whole time and just ugh. I jumped at the chance to shower and wash my hair as soon as I could once he got back. And oh, did it feel good! Note to self: one week between hair washes is one week too long. hahah :)

freshly washed hair! 

While not terribly exciting, it was a weekend and one I want to remember - so here it is. Because that's what blogging is about? The random life stuff - messy and pretty. Right Callie? ;)

I hope your weekend was cozy and bright.


Callie said...

Yes!! I love this post. It brought back memories of when Derek had to travel so much - I hated it, and dinnertime WAS hard, but part of it was fun trying to think of stuff the kids and I could do together. I never could get the hang of sleeping alone though...if we didn't have our big dog to protect e I would have been scared stiff! ;-)

Cheryl said...

Such a sweet post! Your boys are just adorable! Yes, one day, my friend, you are going to miss this. Our sweet son will turn 16 on the day after Christmas, Lord willing. I can't believe it has been that many years since I was in labor on Christmas Day, and yes, I truly miss those sweet baby days. Boy, do I miss it. But, each day is a gift, and as he grows, we continue to bond even more, and every day I praise God to be his mama. Motherhood is truly one of the most precious gifts God could ever bestow. Enjoy every second...the days are long, but the years truly are short. So happy to visit with you today...my memory is horrible, so I can't remember how or when I started following your blog, but I saw your post when I clicked on my reading list, and I am so glad I did! God bless you and your sweet family with a wonderful, happy Christmas!

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

Oh Hannah, I always hate when Brian is out of town, too. I feel completely out of sorts and I never sleep well. I'm so glad to hear that your week was really great, despite the fact that he was gone. And OMG about slipping and sliding on the ice. I would have completely freaked out! I'm so glad that you guys made it home safe and sound!

Sparkles and Lattes said...

I hate when my husband goes out of town as well. It is hard on us, but I do love the evenings where I can watch girly shows. Ha. It is harder on us when we have to parent alone. Especially the evenings. But good for you on making it work and not being as scared this time. That is a huge step.