Monday, December 5, 2016

little gifts [835 - 857]

You guys! Hello December! Holy cow, when and how did December show up?! I feel like I look forward to Christmas for so long and then all the sudden, poof! it's here and then snap! it's gone. Time needs to slow down. Am I right? Yes. Yes I am.

Anyhow, with it being December already I realized that I only have three more weeks before the new year - three more weeks to reach my goal of 1000 little gifts for this year. I'm so close, but the time is ticking'. So let's get to it shall we?

835. the bunny clock

836. fat snowflakes falling from the sky

837. cuddled up under a blanket, twinkle lights on the tree, White Christmas playing, watching the snow fall outside my window

838. peppermint mocha flavored coffee

839. December

840. woodland critter socks

841. having Christmas shopping basically done

842. mornings spent with a new friend

843. sharing life's woes with trusted friends

844. quiet time in the morning

845. a reindeer sleigh ride

850. Little People Nativity

851. dimply little hands that hold Little People wisemen tight and play the story

852. Emerson catching snowflakes on his tongue

853. fuzzy footie matching pajamas for the boys

854. hugs tight around my neck

855. Oliver speed crawling over to me and giving the biggest slobberiest kiss

856. Emerson requesting a book I wrote to be read to him every night before bed

857. little foot prints in the snow

- - - - -

I hope you all have a Happy Monday!



Amy said...

Little footprints in the snow are just darling! You're so close to your goal! You can do it!

Callie said...

I want to hear about this bedtime book that you wrote!

Laura Marie Keenan said...

Oh my gosh, YES! to all of these! But especially the bunny clock (even though we don't use ours anymore) and big fat snowflakes!