Monday, December 19, 2016

little gifts [858 - 885]

Hello and Happy Monday! Can you believe Christmas is less than one week away?! How did this happen?! Where has the time gone?! How do the days just slip through my fingers faster and faster each year? Goodness sakes.

This week I have plans to make some candies, help a little three year old decorate a gingerbread house, play with friends, and soak up every last day before Christmas that I can. I love this time of year and am trying to enjoy each bit of it and soak it up before it's gone and we have a whole year to wait for Christmas again. hah.

I'll start this week with some little gifts and be back tomorrow [probably ;] with some stories from my weekend. eeesh! Anyhow, here we go . . .

858. walking inside our warm home after a long, slippery, and treacherous trek to the airport

859. laying down two utterly exhausted boys for bed

860. two boys resting heavily against me

861. a friend who sends her husband and daughter to my house to fix an ever chirping smoke alarm when Landon is away

862. all the presents wrapped and tied up with string, resting under the Christmas tree

863. a surprise package on my doorstep

864. blog and insta friends [you know who you are ;]

865. sheer excitement and joy radiating from Emerson and Oliver when lighting the Advent wreath candles

866. warm winter boots

867. a big tin of popcorn

868. new gloves, lined with fluff

869. snowflakes fluttering through the air

870. cookie dough caked on the hand soap dispenser

871. wobbly first steps

872. an ever eager big helper

873. consoling and comforting hugs and kisses from my three year old

874. "Are you ready, for Christmastime to come? Sing it with me, or you're a monkey, humm..."

875. a little head poking out from a thick pile of blankets

876. Christmas cards in my mailbox

877. prayers from the mouth and heart of Emerson

878. peaceful nights at home

879. Landon coming home after a long trip away

880. news of a new nephew

881. cheers for a wanna be walker boy

882. dimply little hands scribbling color over paper

883. taking "walking bideos" of Oliver

884. finding Percy each morning

885. being home

What are some gifts in your life this week?

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Laura Marie Keenan said...

Two boys resting heavily! I absolutely love it when I have both boys sleeping on/next to me!