Thursday, December 29, 2016

little gifts [886 - 910]

Hello and happy Thursday! Goodness sakes, where has this week gone? Actually, I can tell you where they've gone, the days have slipped away between traveling, visiting family, and caring for a sick babe. My oh my. What a week. One of these days soon I'll get a little Christmas recap up and also one for this past year, but until that day here are some more little gifts in my life.

886. getting everything ready for Christmas morning

887. waiting for the boys to wake on on Christmas morning

887. warm, freshly baked coffee cake

888. afternoon naps

889. visiting family for Christmas

890. boxes, wrapping paper, gift bags, and tissue paper decorating the floor

891. June like weather on December 26th

892. Oliver cuddled deep into me for an afternoon nap after a restless night of sleep

893. urget care and modern medicine

894. being home sweet home

895. rolling peanut butter balls

896. chocolate melted for dipping

897. fresh buckeyes

898. sparkly star dangling from a tree branch

899. washi tape of colorful variety

900. clean laundry

901. pony tail holders

902. a toddler glued to my hip

903. Christmas cards in the mailbox

904. new books to read

905. resting in your own bed

906. little best buds playing the morning away

907. a date night out with friends

908. gingerbread houses

909. a beautiful mess of colorful sprinkles

910. fuzzy hoodies to warm cold days

How about you? What are some little gifts in your life right now?

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