Monday, December 12, 2016

Oliver [18 months]

Saturday marked 18 months of Oliver's sweet little life. We had a pretty low key day, he helped me run a few errands and get groceries, we watched a little Daniel Tiger, paid a visit to Santa, and ate dinner at the Oliver Garden! After saying all of that it doesn't sound as low key as I originally thought. :p

Anyhow, I haven't shared an update about little Mr. Oliver since he turned one and I thought it would be fun to do a little update on him now that he's one and a half! Where does the time go and how is already so big?! I mean, watch me blink and he'll be two!! Two! Ah. I'm getting ahead of myself. Today he's just my little 18 month old nugget and I'm loving each and every day of his little life. 

Oliver is the sweetest little guy. He is a cuddly one and loves to give random hugs and kisses, which I love. In the morning and after nap time, he wraps his tiny arms around my neck so tight and just hangs on with the biggest hug. He makes me melt. 

As sweet and huggy and loving as he is, he is also always on the move and full of curiosity. Always looking for something to do and play with. He loves playing with balls, Little People animals and people, trains, cars, and blocks. Books are another favorite, he especially likes one with animals and sounds. Add in some flaps and it's even better! I've caught him sitting next to the bookshelf in Emerson's room or his bin of books in the hall quietly flipping the pages of books, studying each picture on the pages. Recently he's started making the sounds of sheep, cows, horses, and making his arm trumpet for an elephant. Most of his animal sounds the same, but he makes them and it's adorable.

Crawling is still his main mode of getting around and he is one speedy little crawler! He is taking more and more consecutive steps and I'm sure by Christmas he'll be walking like a pro and the walker present we got for him will be left to gather dust in a corner.  ...should have gotten that for his birthday like I wanted to... Any time he does take a few steps he holds his arms high in the air and when he gets to where he wanted to or plops on the floor he waves his hands in the air and claps for himself. So Emerson and I clap for him too and cheer for him and he smiles and claps some more. If he was headed for me and he makes it, his walk always ends in a giant hug.  

He is fearless and will do anything. At the park he wants to climb the biggest play thing and go down all the slides. I'm more fearful than he is, so sadly [for him] he doesn't always get to do what he wants. haha. While playing at an indoor play area he made it to the slide before I could help him and down he went, straight to the floor and his lip bit the mat. Poor boy. But it didn't phase him for long and he went right back to the slide for more.

Oliver would live outside if I would let him. Rain, snow, blazing sun, it doesn't matter to him. As long as he's outside he's a happy boy. I think he'll love really playing in the snow this winter and can't wait for more to come!

For now, he's a boy of few words: mama, da da, ba [ball], ba [bath], ba [sheep]... Yeah, not the biggest taker. But I'm not worried. Emerson didn't really say much and then one day poof! And now he doesn't stop. haha. 

Mama is his favorite person [which I happen to love - I know it won't always be that way, so I'm soaking it up while I can!]. But he is always eager to welcome Daddy home at night and he loves playing with Emerson. They bicker sometimes and want the same toy at the same time... but you know, that's how it goes. Usually, as long as they both have full bellies, they get along really well with each other. Emerson is a very good watch brother and likes to tell me what Oliver is doing and help him stop doing something he shouldn't be or take something that's too little for him to have.

The other day I stepped out of Emerson's room to grab a tissue and in the seconds I was out of the room, he yelled, "Otto standing on the table!" Sure enough, when I poked my head in his room, Oliver had climbed onto the top of Emerson's night stand and was playing with his clock. haha. Like I said, fearless.

Oliver still can't have dairy. He doesn't have an allergy, but he does have an intolerance for it. Even though he can technically eat dairy without worry of breaking out in a rash or hives or anything like that, I don't give it to him. It obviously makes his tummy upset and he has the worst diapers - when he was eating dairy, I would have to change his sheets every morning and give him a bath. It was awful, the poor boy. So, he just doesn't eat it and he seems quiet content with that. Cooking and baking dairy free is easy peasy and I have a bunch of recipes that we all love and enjoy. After a year of me being dairy free while nursing him, I can't have much dairy myself, so it's just become a way of life for us.

Apart from dairy, he can eat pretty much anything. He likes fruit, peas, sweet potato, avocado, pasta, and toast. Steel cut oats are his favorite and has them for breakfast every morning. For the most part he'll eat anything, though there are times he won't touch anything on his plate - or he'll just dump all the food off of it. haha.

He's addicted to his paci and loves brushing his teeth and taking baths.

Daniel Tiger is his favorite and he would watch him or read his books all day every day if he could. He dances and claps his hands to tell me he wants to watch Daniel Tiger, though no one else would figure that out from his dance. haha.

Sleep is going pretty well. I hate to say that because any time you say that it goes sour. But, it has been going well. I worked with him on sleep training when he was nine/ten months old and he's been doing great since. I loved the way we did it and that he sleeps now! When he's sleepy, for nap or bed time, if we're upstairs, he'll crawl into his "room" and pull his blankie from his crib and lay on the floor all cuddled up with it. haha. It's adorable. He has to have his mint blanket that my grandma knit for him and a paci. For the longest time he didn't have a "lovey" and now he does and it's the sweetest. For a while now, I've been putting two afghans in bed with him to keep him warm, one I made and one from my grandma. I love that he prefers the one from my grandma [though I wouldn't have minded if he picked mine to love the most ;]. Before I lay him down I sing a song and then he usually leans towards his bed, so down he goes. At night time, he usually rolls around and kicks the slats for a while, but he's always eager to go to bed. He even lets other people put him down, the few times there's been a need for it.

Some stats:
wearing - mostly size 12 month clothes, but some 18 month as well
size 3 diapers
weight - 20 pounds [probably, we were supposed to find out today but now it won't be until Wednesday]
height - no clue until Wednesday
has 16 teeth - though he's had all of those for a while now!
claps, sings, dances, cheers

You are such a joy! Thank you for letting me be your mama! You are the sweetest little guy and every day with you is a gift. You brighten the gray days and make the sunny ones brighter. Everyone who sees you and gets to know you says how happy you are, and it's true! You're an easy going happy little guy and are usually happy to go with the flow. Although, you are also very determined and independent. I love you so very much and pray for you daily, that you would love Jesus first and always, obey and seek him. I pray you're kind, generous, and strong. You are a gift, Oliver and I love you so much!


Sparkles and Lattes said...

Oh my goodness. He has gotten so big and is so darling. My girls are still addicted to their pacis and only one likes to brush their teeth. I have one talker and one who is more quiet. So crazy to see how much he has changed since his last post.

Ashley Brickner said...

He is so big and absolutely precious!!!!!

Amy said...

Oh what a handsome boy! I can't believe how many teeth he has. I can't believe Wyatt is still only at 8, but I swear he's a teething, drooling mess all the time. Just like Oliver, Wyatt would live outside if we let him!

Callie said...

He is so CUTE! I love how he has the same word for three separate things, haha! Clarice is the same way. All her words sound the same (but I didn't tell our grouchy doctor that this morning -ha! The distinct pronunciation will come. 😉)

Laura Marie Keenan said...

Goodness he is handsome and just seems like such a sweet pea. I had to go dairy free for a few months since Finn had an intolerance as well. Fortunately, he grew out of it. I didn't handle the adjustment as well as you have!