Monday, January 30, 2017

little gifts [962 - 976]

Hello and Happy Monday, friends! I hope your weekend was filled with all the good and nice things. Mine was pretty good. Anyhow, I thought I'd start this week with some little gifts . . .

962. snowflakes falling silently

963. balloons floating round the house

964. blue skies

965. watching Emerson give a dog a treat

966. tiny hands and arms reached out in excitement

967. blankets and beanbags

968. cleaning out the basement

969. grocery shopping all alone

970. visits from family

971. Emerson picking out a toy and using his birthday money to get it

972. a tiny tiny climbing into my lap to read

973. building tower after tower

974. baskets of laundry waiting to be folded - and put away

975. finding amazing surprise deals at the store

976. a new day

I'm so thankful for all of these little things, how about you?

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

these are the days

The other night I was fixing dinner [or lunch or maybe I was cleaning up from one of those meals?] and as I looked out into the living room to check on the boys I was overwhelmed with what an absolutely sweet moment it was. The sky was grey and overcast, the wind was howling outside. But inside? Two lamps were lit in the living room, two little boys were playing and reading books, and there was probably a show on in the background. We were warm and cozy and safe. Nobody needed me, they were content in their own little worlds and I was able to get some food ready or cleaned up, which ever it was.

Two minutes later the littlest came toddling into the kitchen, wanting me to hold him, to read with him, and play kitchen with him. A minute later the oldest hollered that he needed something and well, after that our house wasn't as quiet and peaceful. And even though the minutes that followed that peaceful moment were not as calm and were a little more hectic, they were still moments I had with my boys.

Some days the time just seems to tick tock on forever and a day. Some days seem to never end. Some minutes seem to be the longest minutes ever. But they're not. They are fleeting. In the morning when I wake the next day, the boys are one day older - as am I - they are doing some new trick or telling some new joke. They are one day closer to being completely independent of me.

Sure there are times that I cannot wait for those days of independence to come, like when we hang out in the bathroom for 40 minutes waiting for someone to be done on the big potty . . .  or when there are whines of, "but I can't do it!" over and over about something has been done independently countless times before. But I know that all too soon, those same days of wanting to play with me will be gone and I'll be wishing the long trips in the bathroom back again.

Time, you are a cruel one.

So I try to take the bad with the good and I try to make the bad into the good. Because if one thing is true, it's that these are the days that are best gifts of my life.


Monday, January 16, 2017

little gifts [941 - 961]

Hello! Happy Monday to you! I hope your weekend was warm and cozy and full of everything nice. We stayed pretty close to home this weekend as there was a "huge" winter storm [insert eye roll]. While the weather was pretty bad, it was nothing like the last winter storm we had which wasn't even talked about in anticipation. oy vey. Anyhow. On to other things, like the little gifts in my life from this past week . . .

941. grocery shopping with two little "helpers"

942. the softest t-shirt

943. little hands raised in question of where something is

944. a grin of triumph on the face of the littlest

945. quiet mornings

946. finding pretty paint colors

947. the pride of the little one when he draws his circle pictures

948. a fresh new planner

949. discovering the prettiest of washi tape while grocery shopping

950. an extra blanket on the bed

951. littles actually eating what they're given at meal time [on the rare occurrence of that happening]

952. part planning for a soon to be four year old

953. friendships made through blogging

954. how the littlest builds and builds all of the things

955. how the older one knocks down every.blessed.tower built

956. two sweet and fiercely different little boys making my heart burst on the daily

957. Christmas jammies

958. starting to plan for the next few months

959. hot water scalding my hands to wash dirty dishes clean

960. baby monitors

961. an apologetic pharmacy after a sticky mishap with my prescription  

And those are just some of the little gifts in my life right now. What are some of yours?

Friday, January 13, 2017

a sick week

This week has been spent at home. In fact, I've only been out of the house twice this week - once to take Emerson to the ER and the other time to go grocery shopping with the boys. If we weren't supposed to be getting a big ol winter storm this weekend, I wouldn't have even gone to the grocery store. Obviously, both were the best outings of my life. I kid, I kid. [warning: this is a post with mentions to vomit and such . . . don't say I didn't warn you . . . ] 

On Sunday night around 1:30 or so Emerson cried out that his tummy hurt. When I went in to check on him he just kept saying it over and over. I took him potty and had Landon fetch a bowl, just in case. I settled Emerson back into his bed and kissed him good-night. A few minutes later he cried for me again, when I went in his room to check on him again, and somewhere in there, he threw up. So so much. It was awful. And then a little bit more a few minutes later. Thankfully Landon was home and was willing to help, vomit and I don't get along at all, so I eagerly took him up on his offer to clean up and sleep with Emerson the rest of the night. 

Monday morning came and Emerson laid in bed all day long. He didn't move at all unless I carried him to a new spot, he hardly even talked. Which for him is so so unusual, the boy felt bad. He camped out on our bed until after lunch time, watching shows and sleeping off and on. I moved him to his bedroom for nap time and thankfully he took a good long nap. When it was time to fix dinner I carried him to the couch downstairs so I could keep an eye on him while I fed Oliver and fixed dinner. 

He cried a few times during the night, but was only sick a little bit one more time. Tuesday he was a little more peppy and he at least talked and asked me questions, but he still laid in bed or on the couch all day long. Oliver joined in the Paw Patrol watching and we all got some quality cuddle time that morning.

Even though Emerson wasn't eating anything, he was drinking a little bit of water and some blue gatorade. A few hours after the boys had been in bed, Emerson cried for me and told me that his tummy hurt. He was wide awake because he felt so bad. I didn't know what to do for him and hated that I couldn't make him feel better. As I was in his room with him rubbing his back and praying over him, he got sick again. Really really sick, except, there was nothing for him to give up because he had hardly had any liquids and had eaten nothing for over two days. He had one of the longest dry heaving episodes and it was horrible. Landon came in after a while and cleaned what little cleaning the bowl needed for me. I decided to call the nurse to see what we should do for him. While I was giving her the run down and answering all of her questions, Emerson had another horrible dry heaving episode. The poor sweet boy.

It was at that point the nurse advised me to take him to the ER, she said she didn't like how he wasn't sleeping because of the pain and how he was only throwing up. I grabbed our coats and took him to the ER [why do they have to be the sickest at night with the doctor and urgent care is closed?!?]. We got there around 11:30 and waited for two hours before we were taken back to a room. We waited longer for the doctor to come in and check on him. It was a long night. And Emerson never fell asleep once. Around 2:30 he was finally given some medication and a little while later the doctor brought him a popsicle, I was so grateful when he ate all of his double popsicle and even more so that he was able to keep it down. Soon after he finished his midnight treat, he fell asleep. Deep, deep sleep. The doctor came to check on him and our talking didn't even wake him. We were finally given the okay to go home, I got us ready and headed home. By the time we got home it was 3:45, I got Emerson tucked into his bed and then noticed that it was 4 o'clock when I finally laid down for the night.  

Thankfully Landon had moved some of his meetings around the night before when I took Emerson to the ER and when Oliver woke up a few hours later he took him and got him breakfast so I could get a little more sleep. I could have slept all day, but I heard them in the kitchen and knew Landon had to work, so I got myself ready and took over my parenting duties once again. I'm not a napper, but when the boys were both napping that afternoon, I just let myself fall asleep while on the couch, and oh how refreshed I felt afterwards. It was the perfect nap. Lamp light, a show on in the background, cold wind blowing strong outside. Per-fect.

We've stayed home and watched more shows than is probably healthy, but hey, you do what you have to, right? We've read books, eaten popsicles, and eventually played a little bit. I knew Emerson was on the mend when he started crying over a toy that Oliver had - even though he wasn't playing with it at the time and was playing with toys of his own. Now I'm just praying that the worst is behind us and that Oliver doesn't catch whatever Emerson had!  

So that's what I've been up to this week. Hopefully we'll have a less eventual one next week and can properly celebrate our soon to be four year old!! Oh my goodness, how is he almost four?! 

Happy weekend to you! I hope you stay warm and cozy. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

little gifts [926 - 940]

Here we are, another week, another Monday. I hope all of you had happy weekends and stayed warm and cozy if it's cold where you are. Our weekend was pretty low key and quiet filled with just a few errands and church. We had a rude awakening in the middle of the night when Emerson got sick. Thankfully Landon was able and willing to help, I don't do well with sickness [ahem... vomit] so the fact that he helped was beautiful. I'm scared for the day ahead without him though and praying the sickness is over and gone. 

Even though we have sick germs around these parts, I thought I'd still try to start the week on a good note. So here we go, a few little gifts from this past week . . . 

926. playing farmer and animals with Emerson in the slow late afternoon hours

927. Emerson's face shiny and red, dimples deep, mouth wide open in squeals of giggles

928. penguin pajamas

929. a husband willing to sleep on the floor of the sick boy's room

930. sneaking a glimpse of little boy cuddled up with his daddy, both asleep on the bedroom floor

931. cinnamon muffins and fruit for dinner

932. freshly painted nails

933. a dresser, cleared off and dusted

934. flickering flame of a candle glowing softly in the dark

935. fuzzy hats with ears

936. a little person waddling from here to there doing this and that, staying so busy doing all of the important things

937. calling customer service and speaking with a native English speaker

938. hand cream soothing raw cracked hands

939. crazy messy feathered hair on two little boys

940. a tiny hinny in the air, head on the floor, the world upside down, complete with toothy grin and giggles

These are a few of the gifts from this past week, what are some of yours?

Friday, January 6, 2017

friday favorites

Well hello there and Happy Friday! This week has been full and kept me busy - even if I've only left the house once! Yesterday I thought it was Wednesday until like 5 o'clock, so that was a fun surprise/realization :p  Although, let's face it, my weekends look exactly like my weekdays. Anyhow, I thought it would be fun to share five favorites today; it's been a long time since I've shared and linked up and it just seemed like the perfect way to end this week. Let's get started then shall we?

one. stickers
Stickers are my favorite. I love them in any and all capacities. If I could get away with having a sticker book, I would. Instead, I try to act my age and just use them in other capacities - like on cards and in my planner. One day before Christmas I was at Michael's and I stumbled across all of the cutest stickers and sticker books - for grown ups! I was beside myself and wished Santa would bring me a few. As it turned out, he brought me a Michael's gift card and it was pretty great. Usually I let my gift cards hang out in my bag for 3-6 months before I actually use them, I even have some gift cards that I got one or two Christmases ago [they have to be used on just the right thing, you know?]. Anyhow, I found a coupon for Michael's and the day after we got home from our holiday festivities the boys and I went to Michael's and I spent every penny of that gift card. I got this sticker book and it's my favorite. I mean, it's cute and colorful and basically perfect. And it's on sale right now too, so go get you one!

find it here

two. planners
Who knew there were so many cute planner options at Michael's?! The Happy Planner is so fun, I only just discovered it last month but it's so great that I have to make note of it for next year when I'm in need of a new planner. Also, did you know that DaySpring makes planners? I had no idea. This one is so cute, sadly they're out os stock right now, but maybe they'll get more? Or maybe I'll just have to remember to keep my eyes open for it come December :)

three. decluttering
This week I've been doing a lot of declining and organizing of our house. I started with my closet and have worked my way through that, the boy's closet, the excessive amount of toys that were upstairs, and the kitchen. Now when I open my closet door I don't want to pull my hair out, it looks so much better [though of course I don't have a before picture...]. Everything is nice and organized now and it makes my heart so happy. I pulled a lot of clothes out and put some in a donate pile and some in a box for later, like after we move to Kansas later. I left out only my favorites and what I wear on a daily/weekly basis. And you know what? I love it. Like, I'm seriously considering just getting rid of all the clothes I pulled out of my closet and just not taking them with us. Except, I probably won't do that because well, I have a problem parting with clothes and things [why?!] but maybe by the time we unpack after our move I'll just look at the clothes and go, "eh... I've lived without it for four months, I'm good..." and go donate it. We'll see, but right now, I love how I've purged. It makes me feel so.much.lighter. I've done a little more rearranging and it's just blissful. Truly, it's the little things... 

four. on the toys
So I mentioned I worked on the boy's toys and closet? Oh my goodness. They have soooo many toys!! And they don't even play with them all! They just sit upstairs and drive me crazy. The thing about it is, we've hardly gotten any of it for them; they're basically all gifts from friends and relatives. Which is great, but also not great when you're trying to not have a lot of stuff. The boys have received so many stuffed animals! Nice ones too, like super good quality nice stuffed animals. Do they play with them? No. Can I bring myself to get rid of them? No. But they were driving me nuts so I gathered all of the toys together that the boys don't play with and took them down to the playroom for me to sort through later. Now the upstarts is nice and clean and Emerson's room is clean and it only takes a minute or two to clean up the toys. I love how much cleaner it feels and I'm pretty sure the boys do too, they only have the toys they actually play with and it's pretty great. I'm tempted to give away all of the unplayed with toys before we move, but I know that probably won't happen and they'll just be boxed up and make their way to our new house and hang out in the playroom there [because that's a requirement]. ...Although, if I were to truly simplify and actually get rid of those toys they never play with, we wouldn't need a designated play space. So much to think about... ;) 

five. house hunting 
Here's a little confession: ever since Landon heard about his interview at Kansas, I've been looking at houses in the area. I knew he would get the job, plus it's fun to look and think and dream a little, right? Well, as of this week we are officially house hunting and it's the best! We are working with a realtor down there and I'm getting everything set up for when we'll go visit and look in person. It is so nice that we can look online and weed out all of the ones we're not crazy about and get excited for potential homes that we love. There are three houses that I love and I have a few other favorites; I have a top pick and it's fun to think that maybe, just maybe that will be our home!?! 

Anyhow, that's all I've got for today. I hope you all have a happy weekend! 

Monday, January 2, 2017

little gifts [911 - 925]

Happy New Year to you! We rang in the new year in style - at home in our pajamas, looking at the back of our eyelids. haha. When I fell asleep on the couch around 9:30 I decided I'd just go to bed. I mean, I was still going to have to get up at the same time in the morning and I was sleepy, so why not just go to bed? I don't mind, in fact, I kind of like it that way. Sleep and I have a love love relationship, and any time I crawl under the covers at bed time is pretty great. Maybe you had more exciting plans and maybe not, but either way, I hope you enjoyed your last days of 2016 and have had a good start to the new year.

The other day while at church I realized that the new year was starting on a Sunday and for some reason that struck me as really neat [ignore the fact that my mind may have been wandering from the sermon...]. What a fresh way to start a new year than on a Sunday, 1/1. Since it's the first Monday of the new year it seems especially fitting to start off with some little gifts, no?

911. rainy day naps

912. colorful pens on clean paper

913. running errands with just the littlest in tow

914. spontaneous shopping trips with the family

915. merchandise scattered across the store floor courtesy of a three year old

916. 4th birthday plans in the making

917. breaking in a new planner

918. having a good dentist

919. missing your good dentist something fierce when you go to a horrible one

920. toothpaste and mouthwash and floss

921. snack cups and sippy cups

922. finding a bag that's just the right size

923. soft tunes floating through the house

924. the very beginnings of the moving process

925. a little nugget climbing on my back and riding me like a horse

Those are some of the gifts in my life this week to start off a new week in a new year. What are some of yours?