Monday, January 9, 2017

little gifts [926 - 940]

Here we are, another week, another Monday. I hope all of you had happy weekends and stayed warm and cozy if it's cold where you are. Our weekend was pretty low key and quiet filled with just a few errands and church. We had a rude awakening in the middle of the night when Emerson got sick. Thankfully Landon was able and willing to help, I don't do well with sickness [ahem... vomit] so the fact that he helped was beautiful. I'm scared for the day ahead without him though and praying the sickness is over and gone. 

Even though we have sick germs around these parts, I thought I'd still try to start the week on a good note. So here we go, a few little gifts from this past week . . . 

926. playing farmer and animals with Emerson in the slow late afternoon hours

927. Emerson's face shiny and red, dimples deep, mouth wide open in squeals of giggles

928. penguin pajamas

929. a husband willing to sleep on the floor of the sick boy's room

930. sneaking a glimpse of little boy cuddled up with his daddy, both asleep on the bedroom floor

931. cinnamon muffins and fruit for dinner

932. freshly painted nails

933. a dresser, cleared off and dusted

934. flickering flame of a candle glowing softly in the dark

935. fuzzy hats with ears

936. a little person waddling from here to there doing this and that, staying so busy doing all of the important things

937. calling customer service and speaking with a native English speaker

938. hand cream soothing raw cracked hands

939. crazy messy feathered hair on two little boys

940. a tiny hinny in the air, head on the floor, the world upside down, complete with toothy grin and giggles

These are a few of the gifts from this past week, what are some of yours?

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Jessica said...

Baby giggles, toddler hugs, long nap time, and chili in the crockpot. ;)