Wednesday, June 7, 2017

home decor inspiration

So we have this house, the unpacking is done. The settling in is happening. The living is being done on the daily. We are loving our new home and are already making life happen in a few days we even get to celebrate our first birthday in our new home! I can't wait - but actually I can because I really feel like Oliver's second birthday has snuck up on me and how in the world is he going to be two on Saturday?! Also, nothing is really ready for his birthday and I'm really tempted to go the easy route this year and order him a cake. Which of course I can't bring myself to do because I've never done that before so I feel like he'd be gipped and also he can't have dairy which all store bought cakes have. So there's that. I'll get my grocery shopping game on tomorrow and grab the necessities for his special day and then I'll get working ;)

Anyhow, as I said, we are settling in and enjoying our new home. But there is one thing that is still missing and that is the actual decor part. The walls are bare and there are no sweet little decor items out and about to help bring warmth and personality to our home. I have an idea for what I'm wanting but it's so hard to find it and then of course I think I'm just scared to take the plunge, buy the things and hang them up. Where do you even begin? It doesn't help that I'm used to having bare walls and little decor since our last house was exactly that way, but I have an itch to decorate these walls and make it pretty in here. All advice is welcome :)

In my thinking and looking at what I'm wanting done I've found a few bits of inspiration so I thought I'd share them here.

I couldn't resist the fall decor at Hobby Lobby any longer.:

My gallery wall in our kitchen. I'm @colewifey on IG . Come follow me and see how I continue to decorate our new home:

Rustic Glam Gallery Wall by Ellery Designs:

We crashed a friends house and built her a wide plank wall for under $100 and got it done in a few hours! Here's the tutorial and video to create your own!:

Lots of fun ideas and thoughts are floating round my head right now. Hopefully I'll be able to pull them off and make them look just as I hope! :) What tips or tricks do you have when it comes to decorating your house? 


Courtney said...

I look back and chuckle at the pictures from when we first moved into our house- the walls were so bare and so empty! It honestly just takes time to fill it up. One, because money, lol. And two, you don't have to buy everything all at once anyway. I think rooms look better when they are slowly curated and put together instead of instantly decorated. But that's just me!

Love the inspiration you've got so far!

Jillian said...

Love your decor inspirations!!!! Ah! I wish we lived closer- I love decorating!!! I was so stuck on this one idea I had for our kitchen that I looked for the exact thing I had imagined for 6 months and never found it, but I am so glad I didn't because over that time, I saw other ideas I ended up liking better and was able to personalize the space a lot more than if I had copied what I had seen and thought I wanted! But that was just my experience!!!! I like going to a store with no vision really and just having an open mind... then when I see something I love, it becomes apparent how I can use it!!!! I'm excited to see what you end up doing!!!!