Thursday, June 29, 2017

how to drive me bonkers

So, everyone has their quarks and things that they just can't stand, right? Right. Apparently lately I've been on edge a little more than usual, that or I'm just noticing these things more. But I thought I'd put them in a list because, why not? Now you'll all know a little more about me and things that drive me bonkers! 

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- when people sit on pillows. Pillows are not for sitting [or stepping on little boys of mine] on, they are for laying your head on! Don't sit on the pillows! 

- wearing shoes inside the house. Do you know all of the places your shoes have stepped?! And then to bring those inside the house with you? Please just take off your shoes. But also, on that same note, if you were to ever come to my house and you didn't take your shoes off, I'm not bold or brave enough to ask you to take them off. I would just see the germs crawling all over the floor and try not to focus on that. haha. 

- the sound of people chewing on a banana [or maybe this just applies to my husband, because I don't really hear other people eat bananas]. But oh my goodness I cannot stand it. I started playing music during meal times to help drown out the sound of chewing on bananas [at breakfast] and chewing in general, but if there's no background noise. ugh. shivers. 

- having my routine interrupted. I thrive on routine, which can be bad when there's a change to it. One of my favorite times of the day is the early morning when I wake up before everyone one else and have my quiet time and coffee. But lately someone else has been getting up earlier than normal so he can head to the office and get more work done. It is throwing for such a loop, it's not even funny. And it's not like I can say, "stay in bed!" because this is his house too... but it has made me realize how much I value that morning time. So much so that I think the only solution might be for me to get up even earlier just so I can have it. I know. It's bad. 

- cashiers who only put one or two things in a bag. I mean, really?! stuff some more stuff in there. 

- sleeping without washing my feet at night. I always shower at night, but on the rare occasion I don't, I have to at least wash my feet. It's weird. I know. 

- when the lights are left on in a room and no one is in there. What's so hard about turning lights off when you walk out of a room?

And we'll just stop there and call it good. Now you know a little more about me and some of the things that make me tick. It's cool if you think I'm crazy and don't want to be friends any more ;) 

Have a happy Thursday! 



Callie said...

Haha, I love this! I'm the same way about sitting on pillows - no! :-)

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

Haha. You would hate us because we never take our shoes off!

Courtney said...

Lol! This was fun. We don't wear shoes in the house either(usually) and I'm totally the electricity nazi ha! It's like a game I play every month to see how low we can get the electric bill.