Tuesday, June 27, 2017

strawberry fields

One day, not too long after moving here I thought it would be fun to take the boys strawberry picking.  I've picked blueberries before and loved it, and I figured the boys would enjoy picking some strawberries because they'd get to be outside and they'd be getting they could enjoy eating later. 

Boy was I wrong. haha. After about two minutes of strawberry picking Emerson kept asking if we were done, saying we had a lot of strawberries and that he was ready to go play and see the goats that were on the farm.

Oliver just wanted me to hold him and cried if I wasn't. Have you ever tried picking strawberries while holding a fussy toddler? Yeah. Super fun.

But we were at the farm, and I was determined to get enough strawberries to make it worth our while.  So we went down one row of berries and up the next and then we were done. Even that was too much for the boys. But we got our berries and then we went and saw the goats and the ducks.

It was a neat little farm, it's just a family who farms at the edge of town here and they open their fields to anyone who wants to pick berries. We went at the very end of the season, so our selection wasn't as great as I'm sure if we had gone earlier. But it was still "fun" and it was, if nothing else, something to do that would take time and hopefully wear the boys out for naps. Which it did, thank goodness.

Not that I think they would enjoy it any more, but I'm going to be on the look out for a blueberry patch because I think that's even more fun! And hopefully the boys would be more open to blueberry picking. Or at least not whine and cry so much while doing so.

Despite it being hot and full of fussy/complaining little people, it was nice to be outside and to enjoy the fresh air.

When I got home and had washed and cut the berries, Emerson was very proud to tell Landon that he had picked the berries. Um, yeah. Maybe 21 of them. haha.

The one thing Emerson did try to pick really hard while we were there, was a frog we saw hopping through the berry bushes. He really wanted to catch it and bring it home with him. Oh geeze. Thankfully the frog was much to fast for him and he couldn't even touch it.

Maybe when we go again next summer the boys won't cry about berry picking as much? We shall see. Because one thing is for sure, we will be going again :)


Courtney said...

Our blueberry patch is already closed! I'm so, so, so sad about that. I wanted to go so badly. Mom fail!

Callie said...

How fun! One of these years I really need to find some sort of fruit farm near us. We've never been berry picking!

Laura Marie Keenan said...

From the pictures you would never know that they didn't love it all that much!