Wednesday, July 5, 2017

a wrong address

About a week ago Landon came inside whit the mail and a confused look on his face. Two of the items were not for us, nor a next door neighbor, but for some one who lived on the street over. When we finished dinner we went on a little walk to take the mail to its proper home. As I walked up to the door I noticed little trucks and cars scattered around the front porch and thought they must have a little boy. The man who opened the door was surprised to see us there, but stepped outside and was followed by two little boys, who happened to be the ages of Emerson and Oliver. His wife came out shortly after and we had a chance to introduce ourselves and chat for a little bit. Before we left they invited us to a little neighborhood get together for July 4th that they had also invited a few others in the neighborhood with young children to.

So yesterday afternoon I fixed a little dessert and after I fed the boys dinner at home we went over to meet some neighbors. As the evening kept getting later, more and more people arrived. We have seen lots of young families as we go on walks and such, but there were so many more than we had realized. I'm not even sure how many kids there were, but it was neat to see them all together running around in the backyard and later on, chasing after the parachute fireworks. We were able to meet a lot of our neighbors, though sadly I don't remember even half of their names. Oh well, I'm sure they'll be forgiving if I ask their name again when we see them out and about.

It took a while for Emerson to warm up to all of the kids playing, but after a while he was running around with them, chasing after the parachutes, and digging in the dirt pile with the rest of them. There was just something about last night that made it the perfect summer night. The weather was warm, the sun was setting, food was abundant, and conversation was flowing. We met new people and Emerson played his little heart out. Before he had really warmed up to the other kids, Oliver would go to where Emerson was, take his hand, and they would walk hand in hand to the lot over that is under construction. Oliver loves rocks and just wanted to play in the messy lot. My heart melted a thousand time over watching them walk off together while holding hands. Too sweet! Seeing Emerson run around, a smile spread across his face, eyes twinkling with wonder and delight, it was good. Really really good.

I'm thankful for our new home and the neighborhood we live in. Hopefully we will only see more and more of our neighbors and build stronger relationships with them. I'm thankful we got someone else's mail by mistake because it lead to a wonderful summer night.

Oliver wasn't crazy about the fireworks, and man were they everywhere! The boys stayed up way past their bed time, but it was fun. For a night. I hope Emerson remembers this when he grows up, because it's the stuff summer nights and the 4th of July are made of.


Klein Dot Co said...

Love this! Yay for neighbors ❤️🏡

Courtney said...

Yay this is so great! So glad you had such a fun night with great neighbors!

Callie said...

That is so neat that you got to meet your neighbors that way! One drawback of living out in the country is that it's hard to get to know the neighbors because we never see each other coming and going...