about me

Hi, I'm Hannah and I'm the girl behind this blog. I've been married to the best man I know and we have two sweet boys.

- I love baking. It is like therapy to me. Any time I can get in the kitchen and bake something a little spark goes off inside of me and my heart softens and the world is a happy place again.

- Photography is something I have always loved. While I am no expert or professional it is something I enjoy greatly.

- Reading and writing make my heart happy. Thus the blog.

- One of my life long dreams is to be a published author one day. I'm working on that...

- I have two brothers and two sisters and we live spread out across the world.

- My husband's family all lives in the same town with the exception of two aunts, who live an hour away.

- New socks make me giddy.

- I love sitting down with a nice cup of coffee or tea, a book, a journal, or a good friend. It warms my soul to my toes.

- Spring and Fall are two of my favorite seasons, I love the perfect weather and being outside in it as much as possible.


This little blog is just a space where I come to share thoughts, recipes, baby stuff, and write about our life. I'm so happy you are here and hope you'll stay awhile.

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runwright said...

I notice you want to be a published author. What do you write?